99 red balloons

geronimo balloons

ode to the days ahead

jan 2012

wish list

– spa days

– road trips

– opportunities

– vegan/vegetarian cookbooks

– art

– two-hole stones found at the beach

– new tea flavors

– dance nights

– a good semi-professional camera

– leisure walks and bike rides



summer siestas

it was a very special summer. everything changed and yet remained the same.

yosemite national park, ca

on how to wear a hat and tell a gossip

lovely interview with the only and oldest female hatter in my home town of belo horizonte. unfortunately, she passed a few months after making the video. darling!

via hoje vou assim.

the time wasting experiments

beautiful letterpress print project by portland based artist alyson provax that utilizes mundane, everyday moments, in thought-provoking and illuminating ways.

still undecided? no worries, here are some more ideas

when i was a little girl i used to have a chita dress that i wore for the traditional june party celebration in brazil. although i was not a big fan of dresses, i remember liking this one a lot because it was so colorful and fun. what is funny is that growing up, chita was the kind of fabric one overlooked because it was practically everywhere. nowadays i can’t get over how beautiful and fashionable this old cotton fabric really is. so, here are some gift ideas: a book on chita’s history, chita fabric, and other chita thingies!

even more gift ideas

when it comes to jewelry, i like vintage design better. my favorite, though, are those lovely pressed flower pendants; very simple, delicate and elegant. any contributions to my collection?

available at vintage jewelry shops, antique stores, and thrift shops.

more gift ideas

my current obsession: antique maps and city plans. on top of being fascinating slices of history, they make for gorgeous decoration!

available at thrift shops, bookstores, bazaars, and street markets all over the world.