on how to wear a hat and tell a gossip

lovely interview with the only and oldest female hatter in my home town of belo horizonte. unfortunately, she passed a few months after making the video. darling!

via hoje vou assim.


design that make me happy

community driven artwork in comunidade santa marta (rj) which is part of the favela painting project supported by the firmeza foundation.

street (inspired) typography

typography for the people is an awesome collection of street typography from all over the world.  as put by the designers daniel and klaus bellon, “this book is a celebration of typography and highlights the beauty of it in its truest form- not as a profession but as a necessity of everyday life”. included in the book is a cd with fifteen original fonts inspired by street type.

design that make me happy

downtown portland street lamps, brick wall coffee shops, and color coded bookstore rooms.

pretty much everything about the seattle public library

intermission: adobe photoshop cook

this adorable adobe photoshop cook video uses card board, kitchen utensils, and stop motion to simulate a photoshop tutorial of how cookies are made.  creator lait noir submitted it for an adobeyougc competition.

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design that make me happy

true, the brooklyn-based typographer and illustrator jessica hische does a beautiful work creating logos, book covers, and posters. now her typefaces are something exceptional. she has this project called the daily drop cap in which she handcrafts initial caps and makes them available to the style-driven bloggers and creative folks out there. super cool work, delicate and tasteful.


multitouch tabletop

just recently i found out that an old friend of mine has been doing a very creative work with interactive and experience design. check out this video for a sample of one of his latest projects.

design that make me happy

click here to see some interesting works by a really cool flash designer. while you there, check out his home made music.

Picture 2

openhousenewyork weekend

one of the coolest architecture and design events of the year is the openhousenewyork, taking place this weekend. the event was inspired by similar initiatives such as open house london, doors open toronto and other cities around the world. over the two days, there will be 200 architecturally interesting sites to visit, many of them off-limits to the general public otherwise, and a bunch of cultural events to check out, all free of charge. the idea of opening up the city to its own inhabitants to visit sounds odd at first, after all, the savvy urban dweller should already know where the city’s hot spots are. in any case, this type of event should happen on a more regular basis as to promote the habit of strolling. now, if you’re not going to be able to make it to the event, check out the audio media available on the website for a little bit of info on the site listings.


design that make me happy

following stefan sagmeister’s wonderful insights in his 2004 tedtalk, “yes, design can make you happy,” i’ll be posting images of works that have that effect on me. Frontal view

livraria da vila, alameda lorena, são paulo. designed by isay weinfeld. frontal view

Underground Floor viewunderground floor view

livraria3room surrounded with bookshelfs on the ground floor and underground