wish list

– spa days

– road trips

– opportunities

– vegan/vegetarian cookbooks

– art

– two-hole stones found at the beach

– new tea flavors

– dance nights

– a good semi-professional camera

– leisure walks and bike rides




wish list


– a trip to amsterdan

– a new watch

– tickets to an nba game

– a lake house somewhere in the pacifc northwest

– the base-v box 3 art prints

– new ray-ban eyeglasses

– a weekend getaway with all of my oldest friends

– new friends

la voluntad by eduardo anguita y martín caparrós

– the wong kar wai box set



the worn out copy of what i remember being  my first  favorite book: a fada que tinha idéias

an iphone

a sewing machine

a two-way plane ticket to a city beginning with letter b, anywhere in the world

the bogart and bacall signature collection

the cityscape stamp set from yellow owl workshop

a new pair of ray-ban caravans

a green skirt

last week of summer

well, i’ll start this blog with something simple: a list of the top 10 (or so) summer hits:

song: honey child what can i do? by isobel campbell & mark lanegan

movie: moon

food: salad, salad, salad

drink: pinot grigio (the 2007 francis ford coppola is surprisingly good)

tea: orange sencha

place: the meditation gardens in encinitas

read: death and the penguin by Andrey Kurkov

find: adobe illustrator cs4

obsession: all things boba

word: swell!

clothing: tailored high-waisted denim skirt

i guess it is time to get ready to a quiet and cozy fall!