summer siestas

it was a very special summer. everything changed and yet remained the same.

yosemite national park, ca


ascenseur pour l’echafaud (even more gift ideas)

everything about this movie is amazing. the absolutely gorgeous jeanne moreau wandering around nighttime paris, the improvisational score created by miles davis, the clever manipulation of the noir plot structure, and the fact that it was directed by a twenty-four-year-old  louis malle are some of the reasons why this film is a must have. the special edition double disc set by the criterion collection has interviews, documentaries, and malle’s student film crazeologie.

fireworks from up above

it was a bit past 00:00 jan 1st 2010 when the plane took off. the dull experience of flying on new year’s eve was interrupted by a spectacle of the brightest fireworks exploding over the massive city of são paulo, giving the impression that the whole place was alive and partying wildly. the atmosphere was filled with an uncanny feeling that resembled a cheerful scene in an optimistic sci-fi movie. no better way to start the year.

think you can flirt? well, think again

bogart and bacall in one of the best scenes in  the history of noir. not surprisingly it was deleted from the first version, after all it was 1946. in any case, chandler’s dialogue makes for an unforgettable interplay between the two, but lets face it, his ‘delicate’ manners are completely overshadowed by her saucy insolence. love it.

ahh….alain delon

LeSamourai opening scene of melville’s le samouraï (1967)