a shape without a frame

one of the coolest places i had a chance to check out while visiting buenos aires this past september was hollywood in cambodia. located over the post street bar, the space gives urban artists, national and foreign, the opportunity not only to show their work in the gallery but also to participate in all sorts of events promoted by the collectives running the place, namely malatesta, bs as stencil, and run don’t walk. for you to have an idea of how active these guys are, just this month they had a fanzine festival (bs as fanzine fest) and a stencil making workshop. the other cool thing is the buenos aires street art tour run by graffitimundo, the tour guides take you all over the city showing you some amazing art work as well as some hidden treasures. the excursion departs from and returns to the bar under the gallery. seriously, it could not be more convenient. it really is worth a visit. the guys running the place are super nice and will be more than happy to show you around.


street (inspired) typography

typography for the people is an awesome collection of street typography from all over the world.  as put by the designers daniel and klaus bellon, “this book is a celebration of typography and highlights the beauty of it in its truest form- not as a profession but as a necessity of everyday life”. included in the book is a cd with fifteen original fonts inspired by street type.

design that make me happy

downtown portland street lamps, brick wall coffee shops, and color coded bookstore rooms.

pretty much everything about the seattle public library