long live the long-play

i need that record! is a documentary  about the decline of independent record stores and the consolidation of corporate media featuring interviews with smart fellas such as thurston moore, ian mackaye, and noam chomsky. you can view the film in its entirety on pitchforktv this week only. really worth watching.


exit through the gift shop

trailer for the documentary about the british street artist, banksy. the film premiers in april 2010.

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intermission: adobe photoshop cook

this adorable adobe photoshop cook video uses card board, kitchen utensils, and stop motion to simulate a photoshop tutorial of how cookies are made.  creator lait noir submitted it for an adobeyougc competition.

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fresh ink on paper

a beautiful video on old-school typography and pleasures in life

multitouch tabletop

just recently i found out that an old friend of mine has been doing a very creative work with interactive and experience design. check out this video for a sample of one of his latest projects.

yoko ono – walking on thin ice

cool animated video